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  • This means you keep an up-to-date availability calendar so that travellers can book and pay the down-payment instantly for your apartment rental. Don't feel ready to be an Instant Booker yet? No problem, list as On Request if you don't want to bother with calendar updating. Just remember that Instant Bookers get 5 times more bookings than On Request apartment rentals.
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  • Since 2008 we've booked 500,000 nights in our vacation rentals. 96% of the hundreds of owners listing with us continue to do so.

    Listing with us is 100% free and effortless

    Ask for the managed service if you don't want to be bothered with emails, check ins, cleaning, etc. Just block out your calendar dates when you want to use your property or you have rented it on your own.

    We don't demand exclusivity or allotment.

    No exclusivity means there is no such thing as choosing between us or another vendor; feel free to test both! We love competing. We're eager to give you the best service possible.

    Get your payment guaranteed by us.

    No stress or hassle. The renter books, comes to the apartment when planned, and you get paid.

    We follow up with your customers!

    • Booking: Travellers have to accept your House Rules before they can book with you.
    • Support: We provide personalized customer support throughout the entire rental process.
    • Check in: Travellers will get to your apartment fully instructed. You just make sure your apartment is in good working order and conditions.

    How does a booking work? When do I get paid? Can I use my own terms?

    When a traveller books your property you'll receive an email communication with the details and the booking will be displayed on your account.

    Your guest and you will be given direct contacts by automated email and, unless you hear from each other beforehand, in most cases the guest will call you from the airport to set up an appointment at the apartment directly.

    The complete rent is collected by us up front so you know that your guest will arriving soon. This rent is then paid to you the host on the day after the guest checks-in assuming there are no complaints.